Beijing mind calls for Disabled Art Troupe
Los Angles

Pasadena City College
Time£º11/04/2012 7:00pm
Place£º1570 E. Colorado Blvd.Pasadena, CA 91106.
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Box office£º510-413-9988
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Introduction of the show

Every life has dignity, rights and value, special art is art in the garden a blossoming flower. When you listen to and watch our heartfelt call, we would be very grateful, because we can feel your love. Thank you for giving us the equal participation in social confidence and courage, thank you into our incomplete and beautiful world. The existing from across the country cast member55, the vast majority of actors are the national disabled person art contest won awards, some actors to participate in the2008Beijing Paralympic Games opening ceremony and closing ceremony.

We have not see, have not heard, is mutilated, but we love life, eager to experience art, in the dark light, in a silent feeling temperament, in pursuit of the perfect incomplete. Interpretation of the brilliant life, singing the national spirit!

In the community care and support, the regiment to orchestrate a suitable for all segments, each age to appreciate the excite people's mind the literary program. The show includes: vocal music, instrumental music, dance, acrobatics, acrobatics, magic, imitation, stunt etc.. Teach in the music. Show colorful, content of active, healthy and upward. Fully displaying their waist, looked forward to the future of the spirit, he won the audience's heartfelt praise and sure!

In 201110 early the original dance" in this life", at the seventh session of the" dancing Beijing" dance talent showing itself from more than 700works, won the silver medal, competition special award., China broadcasting network, new Beijing News, Beijing evening news and other media, to its" deaf Art Troupe to conquer" dancing Beijing" entitled" were reported. And in 2011October participated in the third season" China's got talent", recruited in Beijing area of the site was unanimously approved unanimously by the judges, by obtaining competitive places. In2011 10 at the end of being invited to the Beijing television station ( BTV-1)" I Beijing my spring" program recording, the 400votes were cast, with 398 votes for this dance performance was selected for the next round of the competition, Chinese television pioneer and other media over a special report.

In 2011August, CCTV ( CCTV )" to happiness" set" column group invited the group to record digital disabled artists, different for each individual struggle to undertake special subject reports, after the show, the audience reacted strongly.

In 2011December, BTV- Beijing" desire" column group to" life" all deaf actor invited famous dance artist, Professor Pan Zhitao," the young girl" dancer Liu Yan on the spot, and the programs are recorded after prolonged as the regiment dance instruction, for deaf actors appeared on the larger stage.

In 2012February, BTV- Beijing youth" guest" column group, in-depth understanding in the program group, comprehensively demonstrates the regiment disabled actors behind the scenes of life, the scene dozens of domestic and foreign famous compere for persons with disabilities and handicaps spirit place is touched to tears.

At the end of20122, the first TV" pilot" high-end Chinese chat show, solemnly invite Cui Ying head and deaf actors as China on behalf of persons with disabilities, to show the world the Chinese nation 's spirit of refuse to be cowed or submit.

In order to promote the whole quality of the performances, across national borders, bring forth the new through the old, my delegation invited China Oriental Song and singer, choreographer at the national level Lv Yangping teacher, Professor Feng Mi served as senior dancer I group art consultant hired ensembles; chief young dancer, national first-level actor Liu Jie," Olympic girl" youth dancer Liu Yan as choreographer; graduated from the Jiangnan University with Wang Lingzi as the Mission Director of dance.

The disabled body shaping art, with indomitable will inspire life, with perfect mind and the pursuit of dreams, to the sincere emotion to call civilization. We will deliver the goods, may under the blue sky and white clouds spring bath, back to society, is willing in your warm arms, fly higher, faster, stronger!

This year (2012October), the group will be the United States of America Chinese box office culture communication company invite, went to the United States of America tour. We all cast members will be excited mood, go to all lengths, with the best team, perfect performance, appeared in the United States of America audience.

We look forward to your support, let Beijing call spiritual disabled art troupe of all members!

Large classical dance"" a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva
Original dance" in this life"
Dance" paper-cut girl"
Drama dance" Qiao""
Zhuang dance" walk in the landscape"
Man dance" fly my heart"

Performing the album